Warranty Policy
Dear customer: Thank you for choosing our products. The quality guarantee period starts from the date of product you receipted.


Warranty Time (Months)

Portable Power Station


Solar Panel


Accessories (Cable/Other)


Residential Energy Storage


Valid Proof of Purchase
  • Order number from the authorized purchasing platform.
  • Commercial invoice or order confirmation email (clearly indicating product description, price, and sales channel).
  • Please note: processing warranty claims may require multiple forms of proof of purchase. Please include the shipping address where the item was originally sent and provide the serial number of the defective item (located on the lower right corner of the back of the product). Additionally, include visual evidence (a brief video or photograph) illustrating the issue.
How To Return / Replace / Repair
We accept returns for repair or replacement within the warranty period under the condition of proper use and maintenance, provided that the issue is caused by material or workmanship defects inherent to the machine itself.

  • Please contact us to obtain a return authorization. Returns without prior authorization will not be accepted.
  • Ensure that the products are sent to the correct address for return or replacement.
  • Once our warehouse confirms receipt of your defective products, we will promptly initiate the replacement process for you.

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Please fill out the appropriate form below to register your warranty and receive an immediate download certificate. Please note that warranties for portable power stations, residential energy storage systems, portable solar panels, and accessories are registered separately. Kindly complete all fields accordingly. If you are eligible for an extended warranty, please enter the extension code provided by your installer or supplier below. If registering for a standard warranty, please leave the extension field blank.
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