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Superior R&D Capacity

SOSEN Innovation has an extensive range of R&D capabilities in energy storage inverters, with a proven track record in innovation and product development. The company has received numerous awards and certifications for its technological advancements, boasting over 220 authorized patents and a variety of patents, trademarks, and copyrights.

Operating from Shenzhen, a global innovation hub, and supported by a 70,000 square meter fully automated intelligent production base in Zhongshan, Guangdong province, SOSEN Innovation has established a strong production and R&D system. Committed to technological innovation and energy efficiency, SOSEN Innovation aims to lead the industry through the development of cutting-edge solar energy solutions for sustainable growth.

Wolrd-class Supply Chain
The SOSEN Innovation team is is deeply rooted in its commitment to technological innovation and stringent quality standards. The company's cutting-edge R&D labs and certification centers, such as the UL-certified witness labs and advanced reliability testing facilities, equip it with state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure the production of top-notch products.

Through stringent quality control processes and a scientific approach to production, SOSEN Innovation team consistently delivers high-quality energy storage solutions to its global customers. This approach not only drives ongoing technological advancements, but also fortifies the company's supply chain by maintaining product quality and performance standards across its offerings.

Automated Production Equipments
With a total investment of nearly 399 million yuan and spanning over 70,000 square meters production factory, SOSEN Innovation leads the industry with its fully automated production processes. Equipped with intelligent warehousing, automated SMT, assembly, and aging processes, alongside integrated information systems like SAP and MES, SOSEN R&D team ensures seamless operations from material sourcing to sales and finance.
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